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Family Matters Support Group

Healing Families Touched by Addiction

The Family Matters is offered to family members and friends affected by a loved one's addiction and to provide encouragement and support. Positive family involvement can assist in continued sobriety. The program is free and recommended for adults and mature teenagers.

Participants will:
  • develop better communication skills,
  • learn to appropriately express their feelings,
  • demonstrate anger management skills,
  • develop coping skills to deal with stressful situations,
  • gain knowledge of chemical dependency as a disease and how it affects family members.

To register for the program, call 216-266-0878.
Sessions consist of the following topics:

Triggers and Cravings
Participants role play and learn the signs and symptoms of addiction and how the triggers and cravings relate to the disease of chemical dependency.

Families in Recovery
Participants learn about the process of recovery and how they can work together to avoid relapse.

Living with Addiction
Participants explore ways in which recovery can affect family life and discuss challenges and strategies.

Guest Speakers
Participants see the benefits and challenges of recovery from others who are actively fighting the disease of chemical dependency and co-dependency challenges.

Coping with the Possibility of Relapse
An interactive discussion is generated from the role plays and educational material to help participants explore feelings and needs of one another with respect to relapse and develop strategies for coping with relapse.

Anger Management
Through discussion of educational material and role play, participants learn healthy and effective ways of identifying, expressing, and coping with feelings of anger.

Communication Traps
Participants explore the important role that communication plays in healthy relationships and about the problems that can hinder effective communication skills.

Healthy Boundaries
Participants examine and identify healthy boundaries, gain insight into the roles of chemically dependent families, and develop practical knowledge that will facilitate changed behaviors that benefit recovery of the entire family.

Rebuilding Trust
Participants explore the important role that trust plays in recovery and how they can begin to repair damaged relationships.

Family Matters is funded by the Cuyahoga County Office of Reentry as part of its initiative to provide focused leadership and strong organizational capacity to address prisoner reentry in the Greater Cleveland area.